When was the last time you had a truly wonderful soup experience?

Were you in some other country, al fresco, with a nice white wine and enjoying the scenery? Or was it a cold day, and you were inside, perhaps near a fireplace, with a rich and hearty stew steaming in front of you?

At Soup du Jar, our goal is to bring you back to when you had your best soup experience…and supplant that memory with an even better one. For that first bite: slow down…take in the aroma…and truly savor the deep, rich flavor profile that comes from fresh, locally sourced products that were likely growing in the garden just a few days before.

Our soups are hand-crafted in our commercial kitchen in Ventura, the southernmost point of the California breadbasket. There are no preservatives or additives in any of our soups, salads or dressings—just locally sourced, farm-to-table products that marry together to bring a flavor profile that entices the senses and enriches the soul.

Most of our non-vegan soups consist of bone broth (not just chicken stock), providing the extra savory, nutrient-dense and collagen-rich base that simply isn’t available in the grocery store.

For those who cannot consume certain products due to dietary restrictions, or have chosen not to eat certain ingredients as based on their own personal convictions, we put equal love and consideration into our vegan and gluten and/or dairy free products.

Soup du Jar recognizes both the need for sustainability of the environment as well as the body. We offer all our products in an earth-conscious and responsible manner. That’s why our packaging makes all effort to use glass containers, and why we encourage reuse by offering a discount when our customers return their jars back to us.

We change our offerings each week, keeping some of the faves, and trying new ones at the whim of the chef (me). You’ll find international flavors from all over the world, and of course local soups that will remind you of home. Our products are available at an ever-increasing number of farmer’s markets and online as well. We encourage you to try them all, and hope you love our soups as much as we love making them! Enjoy!

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