The Benefits of Eating Soup for Life.

The Benefits of Eating Soup for Life.

I grew up in a family that set goals.

My parents had their own personal goals, as well as those they wanted to reach together. It was a process we went through as a family. We had two categories: short term and long term. We weren’t required to share them, but we had to write them down to monumentalize, thus giving us the ability to visualize and make the necessary changes. I’ve tried to continue the tradition with my own family. I hate to say it but it hasn’t worked. They moan and laugh at my yearly request.

I know looking back (because I actually wrote them down), the #1 goal again and again was to get healthy, get strong and drop a size or two. Nowadays, my size doesn’t worry me as much as staying healthy and strong. I don’t feel the pressure of my 30’s to be the skinny soccer-mom. I’m happy when I can fit into my jeans and the days of rocking a two-piece are a distant memory.

One of the healthiest changes I added to my daily life was soup. Living in Southern California, where the weather rarely gets below 60, hot soup doesn’t immediately come to mind.

Here is why you need more soup:

Soup keeps you full and hydrated. In the cold months when it might be harder to get your daily water intake, soup basically waters your body. It also signals your brain that your full and satisfied.

Soup helps your immune system fight off colds and flu. Many soups work as a vehicle to get all the vegetables and protein your body needs. Using whole ingredients like quinoa, bone broth, garlic, barley and beans provide the antioxidants and the needed disease-fighting nutrients.

You can eat more for fewer calories. In a recent study out of Penn State, it was reported that when eating soup with, or as your meal, you are likely to eat a larger portion of food that are lower in calories. So many soups have a ton of veggies that you wouldn’t normally save room on your plate for.

You might not be a “goal” driven person who needs to see it written down to accomplish what you want in life. I should probably stop re-quoting the many Zig Ziglar sayings my dad raised us with.


Whatever works, to each their own. I’m just going to go back to eating my soup.



-Founder/Chef Kristine Koplan 

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  • I met your husband at the Playa market. I love making soups so it was fun to try your soups. The Greek lemon chicken is amazing and the broccoli soup is way too salty. I look forward to trying more !

    D on

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